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Eating and Drinking Go Hand-in-hand

Eating and Drinking Go Hand-in-hand

One compliments the other and it really doesn't matter which way round.

Be it hard and soft cheeses (we have a kit for that) or delicious low 'n' slow American style BBQ which was treated to a unique blend of herbs and spices - we love it all and stock this, that and everything in between.

Creating your own foodie delights is a rewarding hobby, regardless if you're a brewer or distiller or not at all.

Getting started could not be easier with a swag of beginner kits for cheese and yoghurt making, biltong and jerky to smoking chips which impart an unforgettable flavour in your BBQ'd meat. Wowzers.

Stop by our Community page which details upcoming workshops, including Beer 'n' BBQ workshops to help you get started on your journey.


Make everything from South African biltong to German wurst at home with our smoking chips, curing ingredients and bacon and sausage-making kits.


Make hard and soft cheeses like feta, haloumi and mozzarella in your own kitchen with our cheese kits that include rennet and cultures.