About Us

We love helping people make great beer, wine, spirits, cheese and cured meats.

Our mission is to inspire people to captain their craft and create better food and drinks at home. Stu is the Captain of the Brew Shop. He loves this place so much he literally gave up his day job to buy it.

After 13 years away at sea, he knew it was time for a change. Stu had been brewing at home for 18 months (and loving it), so he bought a brew shop.

Now Stu and the Brew Crew are hard at work helping people craft everything from breezy pale ales right through to sultry stouts - as well as the smoky snacks to go with them.

When they aren’t working, the team is tinkering with new ingredients, learning new techniques or ‘researching’ their craft.

Newcastle Brew Shop has locations in Newcastle and Port Stephens with everything you need to make craft beer at home, as well as distilling, winemaking, cheese making and fermenting equipment and supplies.

Our Team

A motely crew of brewers, distillers and makers. We all have one thing in common, the love of what we do and a passion to help our customers to be the king of their craft.





Beer, wine, spirits & more

and more - everything you need to captain your craft