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FREE LOCAL DELIVERY* Rest of NSW from $15. QLD, VIC, TAS, SA from $20

Distilling & Spirits

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Getting Started With Spirits

Getting Started With Spirits

Gone are the days of moonshiners distilling hooch in their bathtubs. Prohibition is over folks.

The modern-era of at-home distilling is thriving with cost effective solutions to create quality spirits with delicious flavourings at home.

We stock a large range of products to get started, it's dead easy. The hardest part is if you're going to make gin, rum, whiskey, bourbon or any other of your favourite tipples.

Let's give you the top line gist of distilling

Distillation is the process used to separate a mixture into base elements. Whether you are distilling vinegar, water, perfume, or alcohol, you are separating the vapours to collect the part you want.

Your still (the piece of kit that does all this heavy lifting) does this by boiling liquid. This separates the liquid into different parts. You collect only the pieces you want and discard the rest. These parts (or cuts) are often referred to as heads, hearts and tails. As a distiller you'll collect only the parts you need to make your delicious spirit.

Once you have a base spirit, the options are endless.

Is distilling alcohol at-home in Australia legal?

Yes, it sure is. 

Believe it or not, The Australian Government isn't too concerned with the safety involved with distilling spirits however it is more concerned about tax, what!

We suggest you wrap your head around the rules to learn your position based on the type of distilling you want to do.

Read up on it here

Distilling Equipment

We have everything you need to make your favourite spirits at home. Ask our friendly team about fermenters, condensers, boilers, hydrometers, alcometers, measuring jugs, glassware and accessories. Be sure to check out the compact Still Spirits Air Still to the more old-school alembic and pot stills.

Don’t be shy - ask us for anything. We’re here to help.


All you need to get started is yeast, carbon, clearing agent and sugar. We’ve got everything you need to make your ‘wash’, as well as a full range of flavourings from Still Spirits, Edwards Essences and Pure Distilling.Make Kentucky bourbon, spiced rum, whiskey, vodka, schnapps, gin and more. 

Distilling Accessories

Like any hobby, there is a whole bunch of accessories, replacement parts and sundries you can purchase to make your distilling the most high quality possible. From filters, washers and everything in-between, we've got all the spares you need.