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  • What are the 3 ways to brew beer at home?
    March 2, 2024

    What are the 3 ways to brew beer at home?

    You probably know it’s cheaper to make beer at home than buy a carton, but did you know there are three ways to brew beer at home? Extract Cans, Fresh Wort Kits and All Grain brewing. Each is easy to and will save you a heap of cash. Which one is right for you?
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  • What is a Hop? Blog
    December 13, 2023

    What Is A Hop?

    WHAT ARE HOPS? Hops are little green cones that pack a punch of flavour and aroma into our most loved beers. What exactly are they and how do you use them in brewing? Hops  are one of the single most...

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  • What is pressure fermenting blog post
    November 18, 2023

    Unlocking the Magic of Pressure Fermentation

    Pressure fermentation - what is it? Fermentation is the magical process of converting sugars in alcohol and CO2 (carbon dioxide) to make beer. Pressure fermenting super charges the process. Why would you start pressure fermenting your home brew beer? Read on to find out.
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  • How to make bath tub gin at home blog post
    November 15, 2023

    How to make Bathtub Gin

    Bathtub Gin - it's a simple way to mix up a delightful, homemade gin. No, you won’t need a rubber ducky, just some neutral spirit and some botanicals, including juniper berries of course and equipment, which we can help you with. Grab yourself some Gin botanicals and neutral spirit, following the simple steps and you'll be sipping on your homemade Bathtub Gin G &T in no time.
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  • 8 brewing blunders that make home brew beer taste bad
    September 18, 2023

    8 brewing blunders that make home brew beer taste bad

    The path to homebrew glory can be a bit rocky at times. And sometimes your beer just doesn’t taste right. Maybe it tastes more like vinegar, is a bit sweet, has a metallic tang or is just plain bad. We’ve all been there. Here's our top 8 reasons for bad tasting beer and how to fix them. Cheers
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  • What Is IPA Anyway?
    August 2, 2023

    What Is IPA Anyway?

    IPA - What is it anyway? We are big fans of the craft cult favourite, and have been brewing different types of IPA’s for years.  With IPA day coming up we thought it would be a great idea to talk...

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  • How to Enter a Homebrew Competition
    April 4, 2023

    How To Enter A Homebrew Competition

    How To Enter A Homebrew Competition Entering a homebrew competition is a great way to showcase your brewing skills, gain recognition, and get feedback from qualified judges (rather than a bunch of mates that like free beer).  If you are...

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