Beer and Brewing

Making beer is fun so let’s get started.

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Things have changed since your Dad brewed beer under the house.
Whatever your favourite craft or commercial beer is, you can make it at home for a fraction of the price in just 30 minutes a week.
Whether you’re a first mate or a salty old sea dog, there’s a good chance you have narrowed down the types of beer you like.
Whether it’s VB for a hard-earned thirst or a craft beer with more hops than the Easter Bunny, we’ll set you up and get you brewing.

How to Brew

There are three ways to brew beer - with extract, with a fresh wort kit or with all grain. If you’re new to brewing, grab yourself a starter kit. These handy kits include a fermenter, hydrometer, spoon, airlock and grommet, tap, temperature strip and 30 bottles, as well as basic ingredients including an extract can and yeast. Just add water and you are on your way. If you’re a more experienced brewer, we can help with expert advice on everything from which hops to use (we have 52 kinds in stock), as well as combinations of grains and brew times for micro-breweries.

Extract Brewing

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Grain Brewing

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Fresh Wort Kits

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Brewing Ingredients

There are three key ingredients you need to make beer - yeast, hops and grain.

Grains form the base of your beer.

Hops add flavour and aroma.

Yeast makes the fermentation magic happen, with different yeasts resulting in different beer styles.

Adjuncts and additives improve the quality of your beer so it’s helpful to know about them too.

  • Black Rock Pale Ale


  • Morgans Pacific Pale Ale


  • Black Rock Pilsener Blonde


  • Morgans Premium Cortes Cerveza


  • Morgans Frontier IPA


  • Morgans Australian Old


  • Black Rock Dry Lager


  • Coopers International Australian Pale Ale


Extract Recipes

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Grain Recipes

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Brewing Equipments

We have everything from basic set-ups right through micro-breweries.

Whether you’re brewing to save money or to master your craft, everyone’s set up is different.

We can help you with a brewing set-up, whatever your budget. From basic starter kits to premium, all-grain brewing equipment,
temperature controls, kegging, fridges and bottling, we’ve got it all.

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