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Misty Gully All Natural Hog Sausage Casings

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Size: Size 36 Home Pack

These premium quality, all natural Hog or Pig intestine casings are made and processed in Australia to meet Australian Food Standards.

Hog casings make the best eating and cooking sausage, these skins will expand and contract during cooking which reduces the chance of bursting.

USAGE: Simply pull out the quantity you need and soak them in water for several hours to rinse off the salt and rehydrate the casings. Run water through them, using the end of your tap. Re-salt any remaining casings and put them back in the bag and refrigerate.

Customer Reviews

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Carl Johnston
Just a beginner.

I am just new at this, but my mate Ebb from the brew shop go me a assortment of Misty Gully casings and gave me instructions on how I might get started. Must say that my recipe might need some work, but the shape and consistency of the sausages was perfect. Can’t wait to get the grandkids to come over and have a go. What a great healthy hobby and these casings are great and easy to use.