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Muntons Connoisseurs Continental Lager 1.8kg

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This extract can is your passport to brewing a crisp and refreshing Continental Lager that embodies the essence of European brewing traditions.

Picture yourself savouring a glass of this golden-hued Lager, the bubbles dancing playfully as you take your first sip. The Muntons Connoisseurs Continental Lager Home Brew Beer Extract Can has a flavour profile that's clean, well-rounded, and perfect for those seeking a thirst-quenching brew.

This extract can contains the finest malt extracts and specialty ingredients, ensuring an authentic Continental Lager experience. The subtle sweetness of the malt combines with the delicate hop profile  to create a beer that's both satisfying and easy to drink. It’s the perfect brew to share with mates at a summer BBQ.

Cheers to  you and crafting your very own Continental Lager masterpiece at home!

Served chilled to appreciate its rich character.  

OG 1040° to 1044°

Volume: 23 Litres ( 40 pints)

ABV (approx) 4.6%

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