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Fuggles Hops

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A classic English aroma hop, Fuggles (or Fuggle) hops have an earthy and wood aroma. It is often used with its more refined friend, East Kent Golding.

Originating over 150 years ago, it has a long history - originally it was used as a bittering and aroma hop. Today it is used primarily for its aroma.

Fuggles is a great addition to English style beers from ESBs to English Pale Ales, porters and stouts. We love to use Fuggles in dark beers.

Brews to try with Fuggles:

🍺 Black Heifer - Extract Can Recipe Kit (our version of Milk Stout)
🍺 Port Stephens Porter - Extract Can Recipe Kit (our original recipe)
🍺 Record Breaker - Extract Can Recipe Kit (in the style of Guinness)
🍺 Two & From Ale - Extract Can Recipe Kit (in the style of Newcastle Brown Ale)