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CO2 Regulator Mini - Portable with Single Direct Connection

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These are high quality set & forget Mini CO2 Regs. 

Once you set the pressure, at 5psi for example, the regulator will maintain the keg at that internal pressure for days or weeks. When you pour a beer the regulator will inject CO2 from the gas source to keep the pressure steady.

The huge benefit of this is that there are no constant adjustments necessary as you pour or between pouring beers. These regulators make it easy for anybody to pour a beer from your system so are perfect for parties, BBQs, beach days, etc.

The inlet that comes installed allows you to use standard thread 16g or 25g CO2 cartridges. 

Included is a M8 to MFL Swivel Adaptor to fit onto a gas disconnect. 

Customer Reviews

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Toby Auld
Works a treat

Works as intended. Good looking bit of kit. Replaced the gas quick connect with a 90° Have found you need 2-3 canisters for a 19L corny keg