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FREE LOCAL DELIVERY* Rest of NSW from $15. QLD, VIC, TAS, SA from $20

Apollo - Pressure Fermenting Homebrew Starter Kit Package

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Are you the kind of person that likes to go all in? Then the Apollo Home brew Starter Kit is for you.

Do away with the basic fermenter (not that there's anything wrong with that) and upgrade to pressure fermenting. Why? It speeds up the fermenting process, meaning your beer will be ready to drink quicker - winning!

Take your brewing journey into a new orbit with:

    • Apollo 30L Unitank - Pressure Fermenter for brewing beer in
    • Spundy - Compact Spunding Valve, a pressure controlled airlock
    • Stick on Thermometer - go on the side of the fermenter to monitor the all important fermenting temperature
    • Hydrometer - for calculating the alcohol content of your brew
    • Brewers Spoon - for mixing your brew
    • Bottling Valve - for transferring your brew to bottles
    • 24cm Stainless Steel Funnel - to make it easier to get your ingredients into the fermenter
    • Inkbird Temperature Controller - to maintain the temperature in your fermenting fridge
    • Heat Belt - to increase the fermenting temperature (handy in the cooler months) 
    • 30 PET Brew Bottles & Caps - to put your beer in
    • Morgan's Bottle Tree 81 - for drying your bottles
    • Bottle Rinser 81 - to wash your bottles

You're going premium on your gear, so we’ve included a premium, Aussie icon, of a beer to brew. 

Byron Beast is our version of Stone and Wood’s Pacific Ale, you get:

  • 1 can Morgans Canadian Light
  • 1 x Wheat Malt 500g/ Dextrose 500g 
  • 40g Galaxy Hops

    With instructions on what to do to turn this into beer and

    • Morgan’s Carbonation Drops - to add to you bottles to make the bubbles

    Go on, go all in and go straight to pressure fermenting on your home brew journey - you know you want to.

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