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What is pressure fermenting blog post

Unlocking the Magic of Pressure Fermentation

Pressure fermentation - what is it? Let’s dive into this magical, bubbly world and find out. 

Fermentation is the magical process of converting sugars in alcohol and CO2 (carbon dioxide) to make fermented beverages, including the favourite around here - beer. 

Imagine this process cranked up a notch – we're talking about trapping that CO2 in a fermentation vessel and letting it party under pressure.

Why the buzz around pressure fermentation, you ask? Well, home brewers, here's the lowdown:

  1. Need for Speed

Pressure fermentation is like the Maverick of beer making. The increased pressure keeps yeast in the game, turbocharging the fermentation process. 

Translation: faster brewing time, meaning you can be drinking your brews sooner.

And guess what? It's like a shortcut for flavours too! Less of those unwanted esters and funky tastes, meaning you can crank up the heat without worrying about your brew going bananas.

  1. Contamination Conundrum

Picture this – CO2 forming a force field around your precious brew, protecting it from the evils of oxygen and contaminants. 

Result? Less risk of funky flavours or spoilage. Your beer fortress just got an upgrade. 

  1. Flavour Fiesta

Pressure fermentation isn't just about speed – it's a flavour revolution. Use it to dial down those fruity esters or fusal alcohols usually caused by fermenting at high temps.  (But hey, sometimes a little yeast funk is good, especially in wheat beers and saisons.) 

It can also crank up the hop aromas giving your home brewed beer a bigger flavour. 

  1. Bubble Bonanza

You like your beer bubbly, right? Well, pressure fermentation takes your carbonation game to the next level. The CO2 is trapped, mingling intimately with your beer, resulting in higher carbonation post fermentation. That means less gas is need from your gas bottle to make it fizz.✨

  1. Closed Transfer Coolness

Ever heard of closed transfers? It's like the VIP entrance for your beer as it moves from one vessel to another - it means that your precious beer can be transferred from the fermenter to the keg without rubbing shoulders with oxygen or contaminants.  Winning. 

Ready to join the pressure fermentation party? Here's what you need.

Specialised Pressure Fermenter - Your vessel needs to handle the pressure options include the budget-friendly PET Chubby Fermenter to the best selling Apollo fermenter and the sleek and shiny Titan stainless steel pressure fermenter.  

Spunding Valve - The maestro behind the scenes, helping you tweak that pressure throughout the party. No airlock needed – this valve's got it covered.

With the right gear and a sprinkle of caution, pressure fermentation and closed transfers aren't just techniques – they're the secret handshake to crafting top-tier, fast-track beverages.

Just getting your brewing party started?, we’ve got you covered with our pressure fermenter starter kits for bottling and with a kegerator system (for brewers that like to party hard)

Cheers to the brew magic, and may your pressure fermentation journey be as smooth as your favourite beer pour!

Got questions or need help? Get in touch.

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