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What are the 3 ways to brew beer at home?

What are the 3 ways to brew beer at home?

You probably know it’s cheaper to make beer at home than buy a carton, but did you know there are three ways to brew beer at home? Each is easy to do and will save you a heap of cash. 

If you’re starting out on your brewing journey, it’s important to understand the different methods, so you can choose the one that’s right for you. 

So, what are the 3 ways to home brew?

Extract Cans

A brewer's best friend, the Extract Can. The trusty sidekick of homebrewing swoops in to save the day with convenience and simplicity. Extract brewing is where many beer enthusiasts dip their toes into the frothy waters, and Extract Cans make it possible.

What’s in these magic cans? Picture it as concentrated beer essence (mmm… beer essence). A liquid treasure trove of malt sugars, flavours, and aromas, with the texture of a thick molasses.

Using Extract Cans is  easy… truly. Start by heating water, adding the extract, and giving it a good stir. It's essentially the foundation of your beer, providing the malt backbone. Pitch your yeast and  add some hops for that extra zing, leave it to ferment for about 2 weeks and voila – you've just made beer. 

The beauty of extract brewing lies in its simplicity. It's the perfect way for beginners to make a start and only takes 30 minutes to get your brew fermenting. It’ll be ready for kegging or bottling in about 2 weeks. 

You can experiment with different flavours and styles by using different extract cans, yeasts and hops. 

We’ve got plenty of recipes to help you get started.

Fresh Wort Kits

Now let's talk Fresh Wort Kits (AKA, the shortcut). If Extract Cans are the trusty sidekick, Fresh Wort Kits are the secret weapon that turns you into a brewing superhero, all without breaking a sweat.

Fresh Wort Kits take convenience to a whole new level. Imagine getting a head start on your brew with a pot of pre-made fresh wort. The wort (pronounced wert) is essentially the liquid extracted from mashed grains, loaded with sugars and flavours, with more of a watery consistency. It’s brewed in a commercial brewery and essentially it is beer that hasn’t been fermented yet.

Once you receive this pot of liquid gold, all you need to do is add it to your fermenter, toss in some yeast, and maybe some additional hops for personal flair, and boom – you're on your way to beer heaven. 

It cuts down the brewing time, offering a fantastic option for those who don’t want to invest a whole day in the brewing process. It takes 15 minutes to make and you can  be enjoying the fruits of their labour in less than 2 weeks !

Fresh Wort Kits also open the door for experimentation. Feel like throwing in some unconventional hops, or trying a unique yeast strain? Go for gold! These kits provide a solid foundation. 


Finally, we arrive at grain brewing. Extract cans and Fresh wort Kits provide ease, brewing from all grain is an art. It’s making beer from scratch, just like they do at your favourite craft brewery. 

Using grains in brewing involves a process known as mashing. It's like making a hearty soup, but instead of carrots and potatoes, you're working with malted barley and other grains. Mashing converts the starches in the grains into fermentable sugars, giving your yeast something yummy to munch during fermentation.

There's a huge range of grains to choose from, each bringing a unique character to the party. From the sweet embrace of caramel malts, to the roasted charm of chocolate malts, it's a palette of flavours waiting to be explored. 

Brewing takes a bit longer and the process is a little more complicated than Extract Cans or Fresh Wort Kits. It can take up to 4 hours to get a brew down and in the fermenter. Like Extract Cans and Fresh Wort Kits, it'll take around 2 weeks to be ready for bottling or kegging. 

When brewing grain, equipment is super important. You can start with the basics trying a brew in the bag method on the stove or go for a microbrewery system like Grainfather, an electric brewing system. Think of it like a Thermomix for making beer.  (this amazing device can also be used for distilling - if you’ve got a licence). The result is brewery quality beer. 

It's a bit like crafting a gourmet meal from scratch – yes, more time-consuming, but oh, the rewards! Check out our range of recipes to get you started

Bringing it Together

Extract Cans, Fresh Wort Kits, and grains. Now you know the basics, you may be wondering: "How do I choose?" Fear not, because it all comes down to your brewing aspirations, available time and the money you are willing to invest.

If you're a beginner or just want a quick, hassle-free brewing experience, start with Extract Cans. They're like the training wheels of homebrewing – stable, easy, and lots of fun.

For those seeking a middle ground – a bit more control without diving into the deep end – Fresh Wort Kits are your best bet. It's the perfect balance between convenience and customisation.

For you brave souls, ready to conduct the full brewing orchestra, it's a journey that demands time and dedication, but rewards you with the satisfaction of crafting a beer entirely from scratch. Grains are your ticket to all-grain brewing glory.

Find out more about making beer at home.

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