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S Bend Airlock (Vintage)

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S-Bend Airlock - is an essential for your home brew setup.

A bubbler style airlock - it goes on top of your fermenter, allowing CO2 to escape and preventing oxygen and other nasties from entering your brew. 

Attach it to the hole in the top of your fermenter lid via an airlock grommet

Half fill it with water (or sanitiser), this creates a one way valve, then wait for the magic bubbling sound when fermentation begins. 

The S shape design lets you easily monitor the fermentation process, ‘cause you can see the bubbles rising through the airlock. 

Not just for beer, it can be used in a range of fermenting vessels, perfectly fitting into bored bungs for use in demijohns and other vessels. 

If you are making beer, wine, cider or spirits at home - you’ll need one of these.

Customer Reviews

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Paul Hobbs

S Bend Airlock (Vintage)

Steve Clarke
S bend airlock

Excellent quality and very simple to use and clean happy customer

Andrew Rostas
It's an airlock

It works

Mandy Leach

S Bend Airlock (Vintage)