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Distilling Starter Kit | Pure Distilling

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  • Spirit Maker Condenser with high yield output tap
  • Plastic Hose Connectors
  • 4m of 12.5mm clear vinyl tubing
  • Smart Filter with stainless internals
  • Clever Stainless plug and filter cartridge
  • Premium Spirit Yeast
  • Crystal Clear
  • Spirit Enhancer
  • Distilling Conditioner
  • 30l pail fermenter with tap
  • Grommet
  • Airlock
  • 60cm stirring paddle
  • Stick on thermometer
  • Easyclean (only for use with the plastic fermenter)
  • 5l Pourmaxx Measuring jug
  • Distilling thermometer with alarm
  • Hydrometer
  • Alcometer
  • 6x Pure Distilling Essences
  • 4L Chunk Soaking Pail
  • 100g Bourbon Barrel Chunks and
  • 100g Whisky Port Barrel Chunks.
  • Pure Distilling lid 
The Technical Stuff

Heads Up

To distil spirits in Australia you need to be licensed by the ATO.

To own a still in Australia you need to have permission from the ATO.