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Coopers Preacher Hefe Wheat

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Hallelujah! Thomas Coopers Preacher Hefe Wheat is here to convert you to the joys of wheat beer. 

This Belgian style brew is a bright hazy gold, with a soft texture, banana & clove aroma and a smooth creamy white head. This home brew extract can makes a beer that s light, cloudy, and utterly delicious – it's like a sermon in a can!

How much beer does it make? 21 litres (that’s the equivalent of 44 schooners)

Customer Reviews

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Brian Leman
Wheat Dreams

Coopers Hefe Wheat has been a favourite of mine for many years now, especially coupled with Wheat malt and a Hallertau hop. Drink it all day no problem. Also many other combo's you can do with this beer, very versatile. A must try !