Citra Hops
Citra Hops

Citra Hops

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Citra hops are one of the most popular aroma hops and a favourite of craft brewers.

True to their name that have a strong citrusy profile providing awesome grapefruit aromas and elements of lime, tangerine and tropical fruit.

Yeah, its a dual purpose hop but from experience we reckon its best just for aroma and adding tropical fruit flavours to an easy drinking summer ale or an IPA.

It's one of our favourites which you'll find in more than a few of our craft beer recipes:

  • #2 Tijuana Teaser (our version of Corona)
  • #23 Rusty Nut (our version of Bentspoke RedNut IPA)
  • #26 Aussie Stalker (our version of Murrays Fred IPA)
  • #31 Kissing a Cougar (our version of Hop Hog IPA)
  • #46 White Pointer (our version of Balter XPA)
  • #53 Dazed & Confused (our version of Hop Thief #1)