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Black Rock Riwaka Pale Ale

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For the adventurous beer enthusiasts, the Black Rock Riwaka Pale Ale homebrew extract kit is a must-try.  An old-school style pale ale with a bit of caramel colour/flavour and a decent hit of bitterness.

Hopped with  the unique Riwaka hop variety, known for its distinctive grapefruit, citrus and tropical fruit flavours.  Creating using a blend of of ale malt, Caramalt and Roasted specialty malts 

Give it a try in our craft beer recipe kit  #15 The Roll Over (Panhead The Vandal Clone).

How much beer does it make? 21 litres (that’s the equivalent of 56 stubbies)

IBU: 27
SRM: 6
ABV: 4.5% 

Malt: 74% Ale, 13.6% Lager, 12% Caramalt, 0.4% Roasted
Hops (bittering): Green Bullet, Pacific Gem
Hops (dry): Riwaka

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Riwaka pale ale

Tastes great

Steve Reynolds
Chasing the perfect Pale Ale

Nice and clear not very hoppy, with a slight bitter after taste. Hey this could be me. I’m not sure how it’s supposed to taste,

Jason Holt
Nice ale

Easy online order. Arrived in a couple a days. Did a lockdown stock up. Just kegged this great beer.