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How Does My Kegerator Keep My Beer Cold?

How Does My Kegerator Keep My Beer Cold?


A kegerator is essentially just a fridge purpose built to keep beer cold!

It is a nice and simple setup with a font fan in the back that is connected to the back plate, which blows cold air directly up through your font, which keeps your the beer lines cool and your beer nice and cold

There's no need for glycol or glycol chillers, or any of that sort of set up or maintenance.

It's just a simple basic fridge. 

Your lines come down and connect to your kegs, which are stored in the fridge. We recommend setting your fridge at 4 degrees celsius, for perfectly chilled beer and prevent freezing in your beer lines (nobody wants that). 

Your gas line comes in through the back hole which is connected to a regulator, which then connects the kegs as well so you've got gas on hand all the time. 

Nice and easy, simple setup plug and play.

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