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How Do I Hook Up My Keg?

How Do I Hook Up My Keg?

Let's go through how to hook up your keg in your kegerator system. 

There are 2 posts on the top of the keg:

Liquid and Gas. 

Liquid is obviously out because you want beer to come out.

Gas is in because you want gas to go in. 

The other way to see is there's little notches around the base of the post on the gas posts, and the liquid post is a solid nut, it has no notches. 

Pay attention - It’s very important to get this right. If you stuff it up, you’ll damage the posts and the disconnects.

When you're hooking up your keg, get the black disconnect (your black disconnects are for beer, and your grey disconnects are for gas). 

Retract your disconnect and push it down on the liquid  post (the one with no notches), make sure it's nice and secure. 

Do the same with the gas and retract the disconnect, push it down so it sits nice and neatly on the gas post. 

That’s it - you’re all connected. Pop your keg in the fridge and pour yourself a beer!

You'll see that there's two different connections on our keg, an MFL screw thread, and this is crimped on to a barb. Most new kegerator systems come with MFL disconnects and pushfits for easy assembly (no need from crimps).

I show you how to check for leaks on both of those in the How Do I Know if My Gas is Leaking  post

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