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How Do I Clean And Sanitise My Beer Lines?

How Do I Clean And Sanitise My Beer Lines?

So your kegs empty, you're out of beer, don't despair. Because you'll be an organised brewer you'll always have another keg ready to hook straight up. 

If you're at a party, you just want to keep going. Hook your next keg up and party on.

If not, you’ll want to clean and sanitise your keg and flush out your beer lines, so they are all  ready for your next batch of home brew. 

  1. Disconnect your keg
  2. Release the pressure from the keg, using the pressure relief valve
  3. Open the lid and add 2- 3 litres of water, pop the lid back on and give your keg a good shake to rinse. Then tip out the water.
  4. Add 2 tablespoons Sodium Percarbonate  and 5 litres of water into the keg, put the lid  on and give your keg another good shake. 
  5. Leave it to sit for at least 30 minutes (you can leave it in there overnight too)
  6. Hook the keg back up to the gas and liquid disconnects
  7. Set it to pouring pressure (2 -3 psi) and pull it through the system as you would a beer.
  8. Let that sit there for another half an hour or so - so the sodium perc can work its magic and clean the beer lines. 
  9. Disconnect the keg and give it another shake, release the pressure, take the keg lid off and tip the sodium percarbonate out. 
  10. Rinse off the inside of your keg with water - connect it back up and run the water through the system to give it a good flush out. 
  11. Now it’s clean, repeat the same process with some sanitiser.  We recommend Atomic 15 No Rinse Sanitser - mix 1.5ml per litre of water. 

That's how you clean and sanitise you kegs and beer lines of your kegerator. 

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