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Morgan's Australian Lager

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This little marvel is your golden ticket to creating a beer that is refreshingly crisp with a clean finish, crowned by a frothy head that is perfect for sharing with friends. 

If you need a brew for a classic Aussie BBQ then Morgans Australian Lager is for you - it’s Aussie as. 

Brewing it at home is as easy as throwing a shrimp on the barbie!  Brew it as it is, or try our Blue Bloods Recipe - to  brew a beer in the style of Tooheys New. 

How much beer does it make? 21 litres (that’s 44 schooners)


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ron Miller
Morgan’s Lager

Always happy to use Morgan’s.
Have done many many years ago and still happy to use today
To me it’s my absolute favourite in all their categories.

Michael Sandall
Great product - clean clear & crisp

This beer is a very close nock off of the Tooheys New. Quite surprising how well it ended up.

Allen Lees
Made with POR hops

Have made previously and is a very nice beer. Will keep making.

Great beer

I like to mix a lager and blue mountains lagar for a total of 50lt 2.8mg dex 1kg malt.