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FREE LOCAL DELIVERY* Rest of NSW from $15. QLD, VIC, TAS, SA from $20

Grainfather GF30 Conical Fermenter

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GF30 Conical Fermenter, previously known as the Grainfather Conical Fermenter Pro gives brewers professional fermentation control, just like the commercial breweries! The Grainfather Conical Fermenter Pro allows you to control the heating of your unit (and cooling with the Glycol Chiller), dump yeast, take samples and transfer wort via our innovative dual function valve design. The 60-degree (Golden Angle) cone allows for optimum yeast/sediment drop down, giving you clearer beer. 

The GF30 Conical Fermenter comes with a built-in controller with wireless connectivity and sleek digital display giving brewers more flexibility and freedom during fermentation than ever before. Connect the built-in wireless controller to the internet and the Grainfather App, add fermentation tracking devices and control/monitor fermentation from anywhere!


  • Conical Fermenter
  • Fermenter Lid
  • Rubber Bung
  • Bubbler Airlock
  • Cone Plug
  • Cone Plug Seal 5 cm
  • (2") Tri Clamp
  • Digital Temperature Display
  • Power Adapter and Wall Plug
  • 2 m (6.5 ft) M12 3-Pin Power Cord
  • Dual Valve Tap
  • Digital Temperature Controller


  • 34 Stainless Steel Body (polished inner and brushed outer)
  • 3 L (8 US Gal) capacity (volume markings on inner body up to 25 L (7 US Gal) 3 W,
  • 12 V heating power
  • 3.8 cm (1.5") ferrule on lid (for pressure transfer attachments)
  • 5 cm (2") ferrule on bottom of cone
  • Dual Valve Tap with 11 mm (4.3”) inlet
  • Dimensions of Conical Fermenter:
  • Diameter with handles: 36 mm
  • Height (without airlock): 91 mm
  • Height with bubbler airlock: 19 mm
  • Dimensions of Carton: 368 mm W x 325 mm L x 95 mm H

Customer Reviews

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Allan Kirkpatrick
Grainfather Conical Fermenter

Just kegged my first batch, a fresh wort kit and the fermenter worked perfectly. Integration with the app was seamless allowing me to monitor the process remotely.

I got the optional cooling kit and connected it to my Brewtech glycol chiller and temperature control was spot on.

Finally I used the pressure transfer kit to fill the keg avoiding any contact with oxygen.

After emptying it was easy to clean.

In summary a well designed functional unit for someone wanting to brew a 20 liter batch. Highly recommend!