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Fermentasaurus - G3 (Gen 3) Snub Nose Fermenter

Original price $109.95 - Original price $169.95
Original price
$109.95 - $169.95
Current price $169.95
Size: 60 ltr

The same reliable, low profile conical tank with the G3 Lid that provides brewers with a higher level of fermentation control with a thermowell.

All round Snub Nose is the best closed bottom fermenter on the market for price, performance and reliability.

The new lid features are easier to use and provide a better seal since the lid components now fit neatly into the neck of the fermenter.

Brewers also get:

    • A thermowell for getting true liquid reads - No more taping your temp probes to the side of the fermenter.
    • Central Positioned Floating Pick Up Tubes - The pick up tubes now attach to the thermowell - No more floating to the sidewalls of the tank!
    • Dryhop Port - Easily add Cryo or Pellet hops direct through the port in the lid
    • Sprayball CIP compatible or can be cleaned via our new Corny Cleaner Kits!