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ESB Saison Fresh Wort Kit

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For either Belgian or French style Saison, a dry finish is essential, so use a high attenuating yeast to ferment our Saison. For the French style, Mangrove Jack’s M29 or similar will achieve a peppery, mildly “spicy” notes perfectly complementing the earthy spice of the hops in the brew. The Belle Saison (or similar) yeast will also compliment the hops whilst also producing a subtle fruity flavour profile in the farmhouse style.

Time poor? Wort kits are the way to brew. 

Simply add wort to your fermenter, top up with water to 20L (if required), pitch yeast and ferment.

Dry hop on day four (if needed). 

Ferment for a week, clear for a week (or crash cool), keg or bottle and enjoy. Cheers!

Price is for the Wort Kit only, you'll need to grab yeast and hops (if required). 

Our Yeast Recommendations

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Our Hops Recommendations

  • No dry hop recommendation. 

Due to their weight, Fresh Wort Kits are currently only available for local delivery or in-store pick up.