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Coopers 86 Days Pilsner

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Kick back and relax with this crisp and refreshing Pilsner.

Golden in colour, with a subtle malty sweetness and an elegant refined herbal note (sounds classy hey). Thomas Coopers 86 Days Pilsner makes a refreshingly clean and crisp beer, with a rich frothy head.

Easy to brew at home & thankfully, it will take a lot less than 86 days to make - cheers to that 

Brew it as it is, or try our Silver Bullet Recipe  - to brew a beer in the style of a Reschs

How much beer does it make? 21 litres (that’s the equivalent of 44 schooners)

Customer Reviews

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Glen Story

Haven’t tried it yet, it’s still in the fermentation stage. I used your light dry malt & it went into hard large lumps when I add boiling water to the mix. It was impossible to break up so I just left it in there. Hopefully the yeast will still get into it and break it down.