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We reckon homebrewing is the world's most delicious hobby.

We reckon homebrewing is the world's most delicious hobby.

Gone are the days of your Dad’s mediocre shed-brews.

The new era of homebrewing is here - you can make beer at home that tastes as good (if not better) than beer from the bottle shop. 

It’s cheap, easy to do and a whole lot quicker than you might think.

With the right equipment, ingredients and a little bit of know-how, you’ll be brewing great tasting beer at home in no time.


How do you get started home brewing?

Homebrewing Equipment

Homebrewing Equipment

You need the right tools for the job - there are some essentials you will need to brew your first batch. 

Like every hobby, with home brewing you can start with a basic kit and work your way up to bigger, shiny tools (or just go straight to the shiny stuff).

It will all depend on how you want to brew - from extract cans and fresh wort kits (which is where most home brewers start) or all grain brewing

A basic Starter Kit costs less than $100 and has everything you need to brew and bottle your first batch of beer (that’s 30 x 750ml bottles). That’s about $1.60 per 350ml serve (heaps cheaper than the bottlo), plus now you’ve got all the gear to keep brewing.



Beer is made from 4 key ingredients:

  1. Grains form the base of your beer (for extract brews, the can is basically concentrated grains)
  2. Hops add flavour and aroma
  3. Yeast makes the magical fermentation process happen
  4. Water makes up about 90% of your beer (so it must be good for you, right?)

The range of home brewing ingredients is pretty overwhelming. 

Beer brewing kits make it easy - we’ve got over 50 to choose from. 

Recipe packs for all your favourite craft, commercial and international beers  recipes - make it simple to get started home brewing your favourite beers. 


You’ve got your equipment and ingredients sorted. 

Now what do you do?

Learn the process for home brewing - it’s pretty simple. All our recipes kits come with step by step instructions. 

Check out our Basic Brewing Step by Step Guide and other resources in our Brew-inversity

We are here to help you rule your craft and make great beer at home.

Join our facebook group - it’s a safe place to ask questions.

Come to a workshops or a brew club event.

Drop in-store for a chat.


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