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FREE LOCAL DELIVERY* Rest of NSW from $15. QLD, VIC, TAS, SA from $20

Solstice 365 Kegerator Fridge

Original price $2,349.95 - Original price $2,349.95
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$2,349.95 - $2,349.95
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Level up your home beer set up with the Solstice 365 Kegerator Fridge!

This bad boy isn't your average kegerator; it's a game-changer in the world of beer on tap at home.

The Solstice 365 has got a whopping 236L of space. It can hold ten (yes 10) Cornelius Variety 19L Ball Lock Kegs or seven 20L P.E.T Aussie King Kegs.

Not home brewing - now worries, throw in two 50L commercial kegs and a gas cylinder. No sweat!

You don't need a wall outlet; all you need is the Solstice 365. This kegerator is as adaptable as a chameleon at a disco. It runs on solar power, batteries, or good old electricity. Plug it into your regular household outlet, and voila! You've got a stainless steel beauty ready to pour your favourite brews.

It's perfect for homes, offices, cafes, bars, boats and caravans. It's the ultimate party guest, always up for a good time!

Pimp it up your way!

Add to the fridge and complete your home bar set up with taps, fonts, kegs and accessories (this product is the fridge only). Check out our complete packages with everything you need to get pouring at your place. 

Its door is reversible, giving you the freedom to set it up the way you like. 

It's great for under-bench installations (hello outdoor kitchen and bar set up) -  you only need a small space for ventilation.

The Solstice 365 is the ultimate wingman for your beer adventures. Take it to your home, cafe, bar, cabin, boat, caravan, or anywhere you want to enjoy up to 10 kegs from one killer kegerator. It's also perfect for those off-grid living situations.

Let's talk tech. 

This kegerator is like a Swiss Army knife for your drinks. It can cool or heat your precious cargo, thanks to its super-smart HJ-510 temperature controller. You can even use it to ferment your own concoctions or chill your kegs to perfection for that ice-cold, tap-fresh experience. Just set the temp, and the Solstice 365's got your back, keeping things cool (or hot).

The real magic is in its unique cassette design. It's like swapping out a mixtape, but instead, you're swapping temperature settings. Quick, easy, and oh-so-quiet. No coolant lines inside – everything comes from the cassette. Talk about a neat freak's dream!

And here's a cool feature: sealed gas ports. Your kegs stay pressurised, no matter what's happening outside the kegerator. It's like Fort Knox for your beer.

Oh, and it cares for Mother Earth too! The Solstice 365 uses eco-friendly R600 refrigerant. Plus, it can handle scorching temperatures up to 40°C. You can use it inside or take it outdoors without a worry.

 So, what are you waiting for? The Solstice 365 Kegerator Fridge is the life of the party. Get ready to pour, chill, and impress your pals like never before. Order yours today.

Heads Up - this price is for the fridge only - taps, font tower, kegs & accessories are sold separately.

The Technical Stuff


Holds 8 kegs

Heats & cools

Indoor/Outdoor use

12V DC Power

276L Volume

304SS Inside & Out

Powered by removable cassette


Height: 900 mm with castors 850 mm without castors

Length: 1145 mm

Depth: 713 mm

Weight: 53 Kg with Cassette 30 Kg without Cassette

Cassette Weight: 13 Kg

Volume: 276 L

Power: 12V 20A DC (uses both a regular wall socket and direct 12V power)

Heating: 130W

Cooling: 240W

Climate Class: T

Refrigerant: R600a (40g)

Insulation: Cyclopentane

Packaged dimensions: H 120cm D 75cm W 115cm