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Morgan's Home Brewing Starter Kit

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Launch your home brewing journey with a Morgans Starter Kit.

A complete brewery-in-a-box, this kit has all the basics that you need to put down your fist brew. 

What’s in the box?


  • 30L Fermenter - to make your beer in
  • Tap - to pour your beer out of the fermenter
  • Airlock - it allows CO2 to escape during fermentation (and keeps oxygen and other nasties out)
  • Hydrometer - for calculating the alcohol content of your brew
  • Brewers Spoon - for mixing your brew
  • Bottling Valve - for transferring your brew to bottles
  • Stick on Thermometer - to stick on the side of the fermenter and monitor the temperature (it’s super important)
  • 30 PET bottles & caps - to put your beer in
  • Morgan’s Sanitiser - dirty gear = dirty beer, trust us you’ll need this


  • 1 can Blue Mountain Lager
  • Morgan’s Body Blend

  • With instructions on what to do to turn this into beer. 

    • Morgan’s Carbonation Drops - to add to you bottles to make the bubbles

    It’s everything that you need to launch your homebrewing journey and start brewing beer at home.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Bernie Scruton
    First BREW

    It was easy to follow instructions, I will taste in a couple of months and let you know

    Micheal Harris

    Launch Pad - Morgan's Starter Kit

    Emmanuel Ciantar

    Still bubling away. Had a slow stsrt

    James Landy

    Morgans Starter Kit