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Chubby Fermenter - 30L

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Chubby - 30L Pressure Fermenter with Stainless Steel Handle.

This durable PET pressure fermenter is round bottomed & will hold your whole single batch of beer with all the volume you need plus headspace - perfect for 23-25L batches without having to change your volumes. 

Even without a dump valve, brewers can still extract bright, clear beer after fermentation by way of the floating diptubes.

Easy to clean, containing fewer parts than unitank style pressure fermenters & smooth interiors make clean up simple by using a keg washer after fermentation. 


Height = 595mm to top of posts on the lid

Width = 300mm round

Customer Reviews

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Bruce Mackenzie
Love the principle

Easy to use
Cold crash in fermenter and transfer to kegs via dip tube strait to keg minimizing oxygen contamination